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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 portal

Important Notices

 Refer to the 5010/D.0 Announcements page for current messages about MN–ITS maintenance and availability, and for help with screen and claim type functionality.
  • MN–ITS  mailbox changes: The work to update the MN–ITS mailbox functions and remove old data from MN–ITS mailbox folders over the weekend of January 20, 2017, was successful. We are in the process of restoring items in the following folders to display data received within at least the last 30 days (any other files that were previously sent to you will no longer be available): 835_X12, 835_PDF, 835C, 835E, 834, 820, IHL, SAL, PAL, PRVLTR, CML. We do not know how long this process will take, but are hoping to have all items restored by Friday, January 27. Call the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411 if you have any questions or need certain items restored in your mailbox. Please allow 48 hours for processing the replacement requests.
  • New address for SFTP service: You may need to change your SFTP connection before February 1, 2017. DHS is changing to a new address for our SFTP service. If you are currently using this service, you are connecting to it through one of the following addresses:
    • port 2222 - if you are using this address, you do not need to make any changes to your SFTP client connection. You should not experience any interruption in service.
    • port 2222 - if you are using this address, we recommend that you change this to port 2222 by February 1, 2017. If your client software does not support connecting through a host name entry, change the NAT address you are using to port 2222. You may use either of these addresses through January 31, 2017.
  • Secure FTP client users only: All FTP directories and sub-directories will retain data from the last 15 days only. These directories will be purged daily of data older than 15 days. Providers may also delete files from any FTP directory, including submitted files. If you think you may need data older than 15 days, you will need to save it to your own server. This affects only providers who submit and receive batch files through secure FTP clients. This does not affect files received through the MN–ITS mailbox.
  • Providers who have not successfully completed 5010 syntax testing for MN–ITS Claim Status (276/277) must first do so in order to use the Claim Status transaction due to the CORE changes. Review the 5010 X12 Batch Transaction Guidelines.

MN–ITS Troubleshooting

  • Use MN–ITS Troubleshooting Guide to resolve known MN–ITS related issues
  • Windows 7 and 8 users with Internet Explorer 10 - Follow the steps in Compatibility View Settings instructions of the guide, if:
    • The Mailbox optimizer dialogue box continually runs upon login
    • You are unable to view or access your MN–ITS Menu options on the left menu after you log in

MN–ITS Administration

What can I do here?

MN–ITS has many other features, depending on which services you provide. Select your provider type to see your MN–ITS View/Access.