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Tuesday, December 06, 2016 portal

Important Notices

  • System Upgrade Work Completed: DHS completed upgrades to several systems March 14 - 16, 2015. Refer to Provider Update, New Fields Added to MN–ITS Screens (MHP-15-01) for information about changes in MN–ITS.
  • Batch Claims Submitter ID Field (L1000A/NM109) Change: Claims submitted through X12 batch transactions are required to have a valid ten character NPI or UMPI number in the submitter ID field (Loop 1000A/NM109). Effective Jan. 9, 2015, MHCP implemented system programming for recent legislative changes. Claims submitted on or after this date with an invalid NPI or UMPI in this field will deny with remittance advice remark code (RARC) N282, indicating invalid pay-to provider secondary identifier. If you use a clearinghouse or billing intermediary to submit batch claim files, work with them to make sure they submit valid information in this field.
  • Secure FTP client users only: All FTP directories and sub-directories will retain data from the last 15 days only. These directories will be purged daily of data older than 15 days. Providers may also delete files from any FTP directory, including submitted files. If you think you may need data older than 15 days, you will need to save it to your own server. This affects only providers who submit and receive batch files through secure FTP clients. This does not affect files received through the MN–ITS mailbox.
  • Providers who have not successfully completed 5010 syntax testing for MN–ITS Claim Status (276/277) must first do so in order to use the Claim Status transaction due to the CORE changes. Review the 5010 X12 Batch Transaction Guidelines.
  • Refer to the 5010/D.0 Announcements page for current messages about MN–ITS maintenance and availability, and for help with screen and claim type functionality.

MN–ITS Troubleshooting

  • Use MN–ITS Troubleshooting Guide to resolve known MN–ITS related issues
  • Windows 7 and 8 users with Internet Explorer 10 - Follow the steps in Compatibility View Settings instructions of the guide, if:
    • The Mailbox optimizer dialogue box continually runs upon login
    • You are unable to view or access your MN–ITS Menu options on the left menu after you log in

MN–ITS Administration

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